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Andy Curlowe & Megan Herwig
Wood and paint

Conceptual Migrations: Installation, Process and Place
Curated by Laila Voss

June 3- September 2, 2016
Opening Reception: June 3, 6- 9 PM
Waterloo Sculpture Garden
16010 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, OH 44110

Participating Artists:
Andy Curlowe & Megan Herwig
Kelley O'Brien
Rainbow Lightning: Chelsea Blackerby & Erica Hoosic
Lauren Yeager

In addition, these artists are joined by: Abdullah Qamar, Cleveland Foundation Creative Fusion artist. He worked with Ann Albano and the Sculpture Center during his 3-month residency.

Conceptual Migrations: Installation, Process and Place is the third in a series of exhibitions that investigates contemporary practices in sculpture’s expanded field. The work in this exhibition reveals numerous strategies that artists take as they respond to context and location. Each artist, whether working collaboratively or individually explores her/his immediate surroundings: the urban environment, the mundane, the effects of shifting economies, and how outside forces subtly impact psychological spaces. Immersive, participatory, or meditative these interventions invoke memory, play and the collective unconscious.

Abdullah Qamar, reflects on cultural and international exchanges: simple gestures that reveal stark contrasts between ideologies and socio-political actions that often lead to destructive and tragic paradoxes.