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  • 2013 into 2014

    Well... I'm terrible at keeping up with the news I guess... my last entry was in 2012

    Its been quite a year to say the least, and I'm even more excited for whats in store for the next one.

    2013 updates

    I've had 4 exhibitions this year in Cleveland. They were all a little varied but it was great to focus on local exhibitions.

    I was in a duo show with Mark Slankard (photographer) at Heights Arts Gallery last March (Thank you Andrea Joki)

    Dana Oldfather at Bonfoey Gallery put together a great group exhibition titled Contemporaries 13 witch also took place in March

    This year was also my CPAC grant year, and as a result, I stepped out of my studio to engage in some non-painting related projects.

    The first of witch was 'The Tent Project'
    With the help of my studio assistant David Freno, we sewed 35 red canvas tents with the intent to do a series of amorphic outdoor installations

    With the help of some great friends, we installed this array of a campsites in Corinth VT. The project location expanded with the aid of Boston lutheir and good friend Adam Kology to Sand Dunes National park CO and southern South Dakota as well.

    The photographs documenting these installations were later exhibited at Alex Tapie's Gallery Survival Kit

    Whilst all this was going on I was also participating in Zygote Press' AIR program, and taking a spin with printmaking at Cleveland's renowned printmaking house. The residency culminated with an exhibition titles 'Cleaveland' Details from the exhibition can be found on the Printmaking page of my site. Thank you Liz Maugans!

    Well, with that all said, I will be hauled up in the studio this Fall Winter and Spring working on a new large series of paintings based my recent travels and experiences. These works will be used for a solo exhibition at Galerie D'Este in Montreal that slated from May22nd - June 8th. Wahoo

    I'll do my best to keep the site updated with new works as things progress

    Thank you


  • Dec. 2012

    The year is coming to a close. And its time to add a little update to what the hell I've been up to. This has been a crazy year! Here is a summery of the year. Happy New Years!

    First off shout out to Galerie D'Este in Montreal who took me on this year as an artist they represent in Canada. Very amazing people. If your in Montreal look 'em up.

    I'm doing some work with Stark+Kent in Palm Springs CA. I'll get you guys some more work soon!

    Jess and I's RTA project is still underway (after 3 years) and is now set to be installed sometime in 2014.

    I've been named the CPAC Creative Workforce Fellowship for 2013, wahoo.

    In March I'll be doing a residency at the beloved Zygote Press print shop here in Cleveland. Thanks Liz!

    I've worked on a few commission this year via Metropolitan Gallery in Austin, Thank you Mia and Amanda.

    In 2013 I'll have a few exhibitions, lookout for them....in Cleveland!
    Survival Kit on 78th
    Heights Arts
    Bonfoey Gallery.

    Its been a busy and fantastic year and I have been humbled by all the stuff I have going on. Its been and going to be great.

    Also Laura and I are getting married this year. After 10 together we going to tie the knot!

    Look for lots of new works throughout the next year and THANKS!


  • May

    Things have been a bit crazy as of late. I'm working on a commission for Norther Arizona University. I've got a sculpture in the works... It's taking forever to fold the paper for it. Im also continuing work on the big painting... Taking forever. I hope to have these new works documented and up on the site by the end of the month! Also there is going to be an article published on on me at Bobos.it this week. Can't wait that have some amazing work up on there.


  • March 2012

    Upcoming show at Circuit 12 Gallery in Dallas, March 31st. The show is called DREAM CONTINUUM and features work of Mike Dotson!

  • YEP

    Feb 2012
    Yes, I added some new photos of my newest work.... finally!
    Thanks to Paul Sobota for taking such great pictures.
    RTA update: Looks like Jess Langley and I's install date is early 2014 now.
    This thing has been an endeavor.

    Looking forward to to some shows in the near future. Dallas! Cleveland! Pittsburgh!?

    I'll punch out some details when I get 'em.

    Also I'm going to do some writing to join the photos of my work on the site to better describe the concepts and the goings on within them.
    Till then!


  • What

    Its been a while since I posted on here....

    been busy but that is no excuse.....

    I've been in and out of the studio and will have some new large scale paintings up on the site soon.

    Also Jessica Langley and I's RTA project has been progressing.

    The install date for the damn thing is (roughly) early 2013. Once we have some more tangible images for it ill post them.

  • 2011

    Happy New Years!

    I've been hard at work at the studio these past couple of weeks, preparing for my first solo exhibition. The show, titled "NEOLITHIC" will open at my alma mater Montserrat College of Art in the Carol Schlosberg gallery.
    February 3rd-early March sometime. So..... check it out if your in the Boston area!

  • Novemberish

    Jessica Langley and I are hard at work squaring up all the paper work for our project before we can really start construction. The project will be comprised of over 22,500 interactive LED lights that when activated by pedestrians will form the shape of Ohio's north coast.

    Also... I have a drawing at the Nov 6th SPACES benefit... come on down!

    When I get some down time between the mechanics on an air cooled engine and the romps of a crazy dog, I've been working on a new series of paintings/sculptures for some upcoming shows. One will be in Miami at 101 Exhibit (date to be announced) and an Alumni show at Montserrat College of Art in Feb.

    Will update website later then sooner.


    PS Does anyone even read this shit?

  • September

    August and September have been very busy.

    First off Jessica Langley and I were allotted the prized for public art at the, to be remodeled Cedar Rapid stop here in Cleveland. (ETA 2012). The project will be comprised of over 22,500 interactive LED lights that when activated by pedestrians will form the shape of Ohio's north coast.

    Proximity gallery is now off to its third show! Look for more great shows to come.

    Dante Rodriguez and I are in a show opening Friday Sept 24th 2010. Should be grand.... new installation pieces.

    Also.... New American Paintings is out! Issue #89. I still haven't seen it yet. Go to your local bookstore and pick it up!


  • JUNE


    Josh Rex and I have a show opening on June 18th 2010 at legation a gallery in the 78th st. studio building on Cleveland West side. We'll be getting cool from 5-10 that Friday. "Primary Sources"

    Later on in the month Jessica Langley and I are presenting our idea for a public art installation for the RTA's redesign of the Cedar rapid stop.

    Also- Proximity is opening on Friday July 16th 2010! Be there or be somewhere else on your way to being there!

    Look for your own face at the Proximity opening. (hint)


  • March

    Josh and I are wrapping things up for the Primary Sources show (set for June 18th).

    Donte Rodriguez and I got together last week to go over ideas for the fall show that the two of us are doing at WallEye. More installation / diorama based work will be involved in the show . Very excited.

    I might be on ARTISLA soon. There is some amazing artists on the site. check it out.

    I'm picking up a player piano this week! I'm very excited about this... I'm looking to eventually use it for a project. (having to do with the cut outs in the paper rolls) (math?)

    PROXIMITY (our co-op gallery) will take its first breath this weekend, with the hopes of taking some walls down and putting some up.


  • NAP

    Just got the email saying that I'll be in issue #89 of New American Painting!

    Look out!

    Also Cleveland's Pink Eye Magazine is publishing a book of collage. I have a piece in it so check it out.


  • April

    Its april... tax zone.

    Almost done with the sketch book project... will put it up images soon

    Josh Rex, a studio mate of mine and I are working hard on a show for June called "Primary Sources". It involves re/interpreting and disscussing historical elements. I'm focusing on Death Masks. Should be grand... set to show at legation a gallery.

    Laura, Beth Whally, Alex Kelly and I will soon be opening up a gallery on e40th St and payne in cleveland. It will be named PROXIMITY! (July) Please feel free to send me a line with show ideas or works! More info soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last but not lease I'm working on another duo show with westside Wall Eye Gallery owner Donte (who's work is f-ing great). The show will be going on some time in the fall...

    Look out for updates and randumb ramblings

    -Andy Curlowe

  • Almost March

    Its the end of February! New American Painting time!

    Submitting today.

    Paul just shot my larger works and the web site has been updated.

    Working (trying to) daily on the N.Hampton sketch book project.
    I'll be scanning my entries soon.


  • 200100

    Yep Its the year 2010!

    I flaked out on the 12 x 12 show in Pittsburgh....

    Sorry Pitts.


    Josh Rex and I are working on a new show called "Primary Sources". It will be dealing with our (re)interpretations of historical documents and figures.

    Should be killer....


    Jessica Langly and I might be teaming up to work on a public art piece for the RTA....


    Paul will be photographing some of the larger pieces I've been working on over the past year... will update website and apply to NAP shortly there after.


  • Right!

    So... it’s been awhile since I last posted anything on the news portion of the web site, or posted new art work for that matter. Sorry about that, things have gotten a bit busy. I plan to update everything soon! Here's what been heading off...

    September09 - Papergirl Northampton went down and Adam and Eben said it went swell. Visit the website I think they are going to do it again next year

    Paper Girl Project

    September09 - Missed Calculations just came down. It was a great show and a great turnout, thanks Front Room! I'll be posting pictures from the show and opening soon. The people in the show besides me were...

    Zachary Coneybeer
    Megan Herwig
    Ebenezer Archer Kling
    Aaron Rokjer
    Gian Romagnoli

    October09 - Terra Non Firmaþ, a contemporary landscape show that I'm a part of will open on Friday October the 9th both at FrontRoom Gallery and at Legation Gallery in the 1300 Building here in Cleveland!

    December09 - 12 x 12 - not to be confused with the 10x10 project, will be going on in Pittsburgh at the fast>>>fwd Gallery on Penn Ave. When I get the Opening date I'll post it.

  • Things on things

    So.... this will be a busy end of summer, into fall. First up I have slowly been expanding on the t-shirts, I'll post them as soon as I have them printed. (Buy them!) Second Adam Kology, Eben Kling and Katherine Romansky are working on a project called The Paper Girl Northampton Project. This project is a show/performances where work are collected in editions, exhibited, then handed out in sets/goodie bags all over Northampton on bicycles. Awesome! I will have a set of 10 screen prints in this project. Third Sparx is coming up in Cleveland (September 12thish) I'm helping to organize a show at Front Room Gallery for the date. Look out! Also Front room will have open studios that day as well. Stop by and check it out! Also Mark Keffer (a studio mate of mine) is working on a dual gallery opening in Cleveland exhibiting artist working with landscape that I will be a part of. And with that keep stopping by the website to see what’s new!



  • 10 x 10

    I'm currently working on a series of drawings that will soon be made into screen prints. I'll both be making an edition of prints and t-shirts. The series is called "10 x 10". The subject is the ten mammals that have been predicated by Scientific American to be extinct within the next 10 years. $5 of the total $20 for the t-shirts will be donated to the WWF (not the wrestling WWF) the World Wildlife Fund. Thanks! Look for them soon!


  • OKay!

    Well the Red Forest Project is coming into fruition; this fist time installation is going to be apart of the "Building Bridges" project. The Red Forest will be display in a vacant storefront window on the corner of W120th St and Loraine in Cleveland. The installation is in association with the Perimeter gallery. Some German film crew will document the “Building Bridges” project. (Going strait to DVD?) We will see.

    Also the law school mailroom detail has its perks...
    Recently we received a generally addressed letter that stated on the cover "Plea for Mercy". It was from a physicist named Al whom has published a few books in the late 90's. I think he has gone off the deep end and wrote to advise the school about a murder case that took place in Cincinnati. Its complete jargon and includes math equations... I'm going to start producing responsive drawings to his letter and see if I can build a correspondence. Maybe a new project? Who knows. Laura advised caution. Look for update soon.


  • New Works Soon...

    I have a few things in the work right now, and with that said I hope to post some new work up on the site asap.

    The Sketch Book Project: The Sketch book I'm working on is titled "What the Fuck". It will contains many small portraits of the weirdest people I've ever met in my life (Thus far). The subjects range from where I work now to my good ol' days at the Salvation Army.

    The Red Forest: I'm working on an installation/sculptural piece that explores the extremes of adapting nature to our environment in response to our impact on nature. I'm collecting Sycamore tree branches from all over NE Ohio to compile such efforts. There is a reason for the Sycamore, oh yes, there is....

    Some geo/abstract Landscape Paintings: I think it’s all paraphrased there.

    Thanks and check back soon!

  • Sketchbook Project Exhibition

    Good afternoon-

    The Art House Co-op is holding a traveling exhibition of sketchbooks.
    The theme of the show is "Everyone we Know"

    Please visit


    for more info on the showing and submission guidelines.

    Open to All...



    TO All of you who care......

    The old curlowe.com is dead....

    and from its ashes rises a clean, corporate produced, cookie cutter website.

    Thats right.

    I've got lazy, and would rather spend my time drawing and catering to law students then spending hours typing up line upon lines of that ye old html text.

    So here it is.

    I hope you enjoy.

    Please send your scolding review...
    or maybe just a hug.