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Collage, pencil and acrylic on paper


Barb was one of the first co-workers I met “on the floor” at Salvation Army. Barb was maybe in her fifties or maybe just a hard 40. She was nice enough. She smoked. She smoked a lot; her eyes sagged as heavy as her pot belly. I was enamored by her skin. Barbs skin was leather and reptilian like; each wrinkle had three or four wrinkles within it. What made Barb memorable was that she slept with Gary, though she never said she did, though they always left together after work. She would make an announcement at the end of her shift, “Hey Gary I’m Levin’, you wanna ride?” Gary would scuttle across the floor and audibly whisper to her “fuck yeah I do!”

Barb had bronchitis once and she would be coughing all through her shift but still would regularly go outside for her half hourly smoke brake.