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Collage, pencil and acrylic on paper


The First apartment Laura and I lived at in Cleveland was in the heart of the infamous Little Italy neighborhood. Our place was directly above an Italian restaurant named La Dolce Vida. Joe was the landlord, and Terry was the restaurant owner. Joe had MS and chain-smoked, he was a jerk. We paid Joe in cash and he would make me listen to his stories of his prime before I could hand him the rent. Joe would tell me of his youth and life stories incessantly, “ Man do you realize that I was all American Ohio, not just for baseball but for football, JESUS, I played ball with the Yankees for god sake!” he would trail on for a while with sight variation but would inevitably conclude on the same topic… “And that’s why you don’t trust a motherfucker like Terry; they’ll just try to fuck you over in the end, just like your wife! JESUS” Much like Gary, Joe never censored himself. But unlike Gary Joe was very racist, very republican, and very sexist (well I guess Gary was sexist as well).